Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters


50% sad 50% horny 100% cool

let us all please be ok for a night

peace ok

im too bloody tired for these piece of wank nights and i dont know what this is but its definitely not like-worthy 1”1\111 please ignore this 



Most magical girl on planet earth and probably the whole universe.

Time Festival. Toronto, July 19, 2014

Jagwar Ma

2,255 plays

Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty.


Your shadow follows me all day

making sure that I’m okay

and we’re a million miles away

Karen O and Ezra Koenig x Beth Hoeckel

she's tallish with the cutest dark brown bob & fringe ever and the most amazing big blue eyes and freckles and she's very clever and one of the wittiest people I know she is v good at hugging and I think she's probably the prettiest person i've seen sigh she's just lovely

that’s so cute she sounds really cool u should tell her!! xo

guys i luv it when u tell me about ur crushes please do it so I can live vicariously through ur cool lifestyles